Guangzhou, China – February 2016

Layover at Guangzhou. It was my first time in mainland China and I fell in love with it. Growing up in Manila, I find Guangzhou and Foshan locals to be more organized and systematic, in which I thought it was the other way around. We caught the train from Guangzhou to Foshan to see some of my partner’s relatives and they brought us to the best yum char places in their area. That’s it. No other dim sum or dumplings can compare to what we had there – which totally ruins other yum char places in my local. Here are some photos from our layover.

What to eat

  • You have to have yum char. Ask the locals for their recommendations.
  • Dragon’s beard candy (the fresher the better)

Getting around

The metro trains are reliable but get very crowded during peak times.


  • GoPro Hero+
  • iPhone 6S





Image: Canton Tower Shot using iPhone 6S







Image: Dragon’s Beard Candy Shot using iPhone 6S


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